Upcoming Project
Be a Part of SAADHYA Trust for Social Development. All donation falls under 80G and is eligible for income tax exemption.

Our immediate requirements for Hosapete Centre
Residential School building for 500 capacities at Hosapete
Our immediate recruitment at Hosapete centre
We are looking to raise Rs. 7.16 crores to construct 21,574 sq feet spread over three floors at 25th ward Jambunatha Road Hosapete, Vijayanagara Dist.
Here is how you can help
• Any amount of donation in kind or cash is accepted for construction work
• Fund as much space you can at Rs. 3320 per sqft
• Donations above Rs.25,000 will have permanent board
• Donations for a complete room will have visibility in two different locations on campus
• Donations for a complete floor will have visibility in four different locations on the campus
Upcoming Projects