Be a Part of SAADHYA Trust for Social Development. All donation falls under 80G and is eligible for income tax exemption.
Saadhya is aims for the financial empowerment of Person’s with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities. As part of the Special education program, person above 18 years are placed in skill development units and we train them in simple skilled works
BPO- Computer literacy program where 20 children above 18 years are undergoing training. Now they are able to use the computers with minimal support
Festival Based items – Rakhee , Painted Diya
Paper Bags – Paper bags out of old news papers
Candles – T light and church candles of all sizes
Weaving – 15 children are placed in the weaving program and they are able to weave cotton & woollen shawls. foot mats etc.
Beads Haara – Ornamental and felicitation beads hara are prepared by our children.

Paper Envelops